Giving the bride the best day ever

Lory and Eric met at Milestone church, so when he knew she was the one, and she knew he was the one, the only thing left to do was propose and when he did, Lory, said yes, of course! There was much excitement and anticipation leading up to their spectacular day, couple that with a great vision for their big day and setting the ball in motion, to giving them the best day ever.

Since they met at Milestone church they wanted to get married at Milestone church. We knew we had our work cut out for us. We needed to make a very large rather dark space become an intimate wedding back drop. Lory and Eric wanted an industrial wedding, an outdoor feeling inside I would say. We used industrial arches from Jagad Design and adorned the isle with lanterns also made by Jagad Designs. We made a semi-circle pattern with the chairs on both sides and it felt like a much smaller more intimate space. The ceremony was spot on what they wanted and so amazingly beautiful. Café lights strung from arch to arch creating an isle and walkway and a focal point.  We can’t forget the wall of lights that was their backdrop also provided by Jagad Designs.

They also have a heart for the nations and a love for traveling. So they wanted food from around the nations. Instead of ordinary food stations we had custom made food carts, just like you would walk up to a street vendor and buy your food in another country, guests walked up to food carts that played host to Italian, Chinese, Mexican and American food. The drink cart was adorable and held, punch, tea and water.

The reception was also bringing the outside in. Just as you would eat from a street vendor in a park, the reception was set to look like a park. Park benches, picnic tables, plants and flowers. Outdoor patio lighting on an industrial made arch from Jagad Designs. It was an absolutely gorgeous and an amazing day.