Why Us? Who Else?
We know our stuff, we stay on top of current trends, and make it super easy for you to have your picture perfect day.  Your personal style is a reflection of who you are and we work hard to create a day that is a reflection of you.

The Process!
We meet, we interview you, and you interview us. We get to know you, what you like, your vision and your aspirations for you big day. We tell you what we can do to achieve your picture perfect day, and you hire us to bring it about. Last but not least, you get the wedding of your dreams.

The Best Part!
We build a relationship, become a family: and it makes for many smiles and tears (of joy) on the big day.

Who We Are!
We are wives, moms, friends, sisters, aunts, designers and planners. We are a power packed team, full of innovative and creative ideas. We were simply born to do what we do.

Why We Do What We Do!
We love it, we are good at it, we want to utilize our God-given talents, and we help support our amazing families.

What Makes us Unique?
Creativity like none other, the thoughtful surprises, and simply caring enough to go the extra distance, even when we weren’t asked.