Finding the Right Wedding Planner

When interviewing planners, there are a few things you should know and make sure to ask. Most planners offer a free consult for the interviewing process. A good planner will interview you as you interview them, so they can get familiar with who you are and what you like. The planner should be ready with a pen and paper and should be asking what you and your partner are looking for in your wedding and how much you are willing to spend. They should be engaging with you and your partner and giving their professional opinion in what he/she recommends and how he/she is willing to work with the color themes you would like.

Wedding planners are great for many reasons they often know the best vendors such as; florists, photographers, venues, churches, or stores. As well as they know all the little secrets of the business like how to save on wedding favors but still make it look like it cost a fortune. Wedding planners have been trained to deal with stress as well as trained to know when to do things and the proper etiquette of who pays for what and how to set up a proper budget so you stay on target of how much you want to spend.

Most people think wedding planners are a luxury or are not a cost they want to entail in their wedding budget. What they do not know is most wedding planners save you so much stress and help save money on other budget items that ideally a wedding planner should in the end be well worth it.